Our Story

Born in the Carolinas, Outer Links represents the elements of the game - LAND, SAND + SEA. With East Coast Vibe and Out of State Mind, we are a golf lifestyle apparel brand offering timeless looks for the everyday player.

Our mission is to provide high-quality golf apparel that appeals to all skill levels with an emphasis on affordability, sustainability and style. Our goal is to provide authentic long lasting garments that give you that feel good play good mindset.

We believe any day spent on the course is better than any day spent in the office. There are No Bad Days.

We strive to create and collaborate to break outside of the norms in hope to build a community that is united in growing the game for years to come.


We are responsible for we what create, manufacture and place into our world. As we continue to grow, staying committed to producing quality products, now is the time to focus on sustainability. 

Currently we are developing our first garments made with REPREVE - a recycled water bottle fabric. REPREVE provides the same performance characteristics of traditional performance wicking polyester without contributing to the ever growing global plastic waste problem. 

We are also creating products and goods with the use of with ECONYL, a recycled nylon product that is made from ocean fishing nets.

Though this may seem like an overwhelming task and impossible to provide all goods and garments with these materials, we believe the use of greener supply chains help make a small difference and influence others to take notice.

We will continue to push forward to leave our world better than we found it. For our kids, for our home, for our future.

Our Name

On North Carolina's coast we have the outer banks.

Where land meets the sea.

Golf was born on the links.

Outer Links combines land of the game with the waves of the sea.

We represent land, sand and water.

Key elements in the game.